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Blacklisted local and international cargo forwarders

Ship With Confidence

Balikbayan Box, a box that paints a thousand smiles.  No matter how small the box is or whatever item is inside it, undeniably there’s so much excitement involved for every Pinoy. However, not all Balikbayan boxes successfully arrives in the Philippines. Some get stucked somewhere, others delayed and a sad truth some boxes are nowhere to be found intentionally.

DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) has identified and blacklisted local and international cargo forwarders that has been subject to complaints of undelivered boxes.

Overseas Filipinos Workers are advised to stop doing business with the following foreign/domestic principal/cargo consolidators for reports of undelivered balikbayan boxes and other violations under PSB Administrative Order No. 6 series of 2005

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
1. Al Rodah Marine Cargo
2. Cityline Cargo
3. Dagupan Cargo Packaging Services
4. Express Link Cargo Services
5. Smooth Express

United States of America (USA)
1. AAA Cargo Express Inc.
2. ABS-CBN Star Kargo
3. Aerosend
4. Alas Cargo
5. Associated Consolidations Express (ACE Cargo)
6. FRS Philippine Freight Services, Inc.
7. Shipping Express
8. South Atlantic Cargo

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
1. Cargo Net Worldwide Services formerly FAL-World Express Cargo
2. Fil Asia Cargo Forwarders Philippines
3. Global Cargo
4. RJM Freight Cargo Forwarders
5. WRJ Freight Forwarders (A Division of Al-Zagel Cargo)
6. North and South Express Cargo

1. Hagibis Express Pte. Ltd.
2. Maru Cargo Logistics (s) LLP

1. Maharlika Enterprise Cargo Services
2. SCRL Cargo

1. Bayanihan Express in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2. Dausan International Forwarder in Australia
3. Ford Cargo Internationaal (FCI) in Hongkong
4. Trico International in Cyprus


1. 2GO Express Inc.
General Aviation Area
Manila Domestic Airport
Pasay City
Contact Person: Mr. Randolph Arroyo, President
Case No. 2012-09-134 (Formal Charge)

2. Aerosend
Blk. 2 Unit 7, 584 Tenorio Lopez St.
Tondo Manila
Contact Person: Ms. Marivic Martesano, General Manager
Case No. 2011-04-163 (Formal Charge)

3. Alas Cargo Philipines
Km. 18 Ortigas Avenue Extension
Cainta, Rizal
Contact Person: Ms. Glorina Cristina Marzo, President/General Manager
Case No. 2012-05-57 (Formal Charge)

4. Associated Consolidation Express (ACE)
505 Quirino Avenue, Tambo
Parañaque City
Tel. No. 851-6850/854-8327
Contact Person: Ms. Lois Gonzales, VP-Operations
Case No. 2010-05-44 (Formal Charge)

5. Dausan International Forwarder
1933 A. Francisco Street, Sta. Ana Manila
Case No. 2012-09-132 (Formal Charge)

6. FACF Parcel Delivery
8410 Gomburza Street, Brgy. Sto Nino
Parañaque City
Case No. 2012-09-142 (Formal Charge)
Blacklisted Philippine Agents/Freight Forwarders
As of 12 October 2012

7. FRS Philippine Freight Services, Inc.
Unit 104 Cecile Ville Bldg.
1211 Quezon Avenue
Quezon, City
Case No. 2011-08-238 (Formal Charge)

8. International Cargo Forwarder
503 Quirno Avenue, Tambo Parañaque City
Case No. 2012-09-125 (Formal Charge)

9. J.J. Transglobal Brokerage
3909/3911 Dahlia Street
Sto Nino, Parañaque City
Case No. 2012-09-143 (Formal Charge)

10. JAR Cargo Forwarders
503 Quirno Avenue, Tambo Parañaque City
Case No. 2012-09-126 (Formal Charge)

11. Mail Plus Cargo Carriers
Golden Homes Subdivision
SA #3 Sandoval Avenue, Pinagbuhatan
Pasig City
Case No. 2012-02-25 (Formal Charge)

12. Manila Broker
503 Quirno Avenue, Tambo
Parañaque City
Case No. 2012-09-144 (Formal Charge)

13. Maru Cargo Logistics Philippines
15016-A Fast Track Avenue
San Agustin Village, Parañaque City
Case No. 2012-10-164 (Formal Charge)

14. R&M Cargo Services
STIL Building Sta. Agueda cor. Delbros Ave.
Pascor Drive, Sto. Nino
Parañaque City
Tel. No. 852-9270
Case No. 2012-10-155 (Formal Charge)

15. Rodah Cargo Manila
Block 9, Lot 16, Road 6-A St.
United Parañaque Subdivision 5 (UPS-5)
Sucat, Parañaque City
Tel.: 826-5589
Contact Person: Eric Lizardo, Manager
Case Nos. 2012-01-15& 2012-09-140 (Formal Charge)

16. South Atlantic Cargo, Inc.
4 Elm St., West Fairview, Quezon City
Case No. 2012-10-154 (Formal Charge)

17. Trico International Forwarding (Phils) Inc.
L62D Building 2, Mangosteen Road
FTI Complex, Taguig City
Contact Person: Leticia B. Rotario, President/General Manager
Case No: 2012-09-141 (Formal Charge)

18. VCG Customs Brokerage
Guzmar Compound, 8178 Dr. A. Santos Avenue
Sucat, Parañaque City
Contact Person : Mr. Marwin Mercado
Case No. 2012-03-38 (Formal Charge)

For any cargo/freight complaints please contact DTI (02-751-3330).


DTI PH Blacklisted AGENTS   Oct 15, 2012

DTI FOREIGN Blacklisted Agents Oct 15, 2012

Updates:  15 more ‘balikbayan’ box forwarders blacklisted

MANILA – The Department of Trade and Industry-Philippine Shippers’ Bureau has blacklisted 15 more cargo forwarders following consumer complaints of damaged or lost balikbayan boxes.

The updated list dated October 31 showed 8 additional firms to the previous 18 included in the list of local freight forwarders that are not accredited by DTI-PSB. The additions were the following:

  • ABS-CBN Global Cargo Corp
  • Gen Ex Cargo
  • Jonar Cargo
  • Joseph Glenn L. Galo
  • Pacific Logistics International Cargo
  • Pentfast
  • RDN Marketing & Cargo Forwarder
  • REN International Services

Six more foreign principals/consolidators were also added to the earlier 27 under investigation for undelivered balikbayan boxes. The six additions were the following:

  • Jasim Yaseen Al-Delam Air Cargo Services (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Pacific Logistics International Cargo (Kuwait)
  • Philand Ynterlink Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Pentagon Cargo Inc (United States of America)
  • REN International (United States of America)
  • Star Xpress Forwarders (United States of America)

Accredited cargo forwarder RRG Freight Services, meanwhile, is now one of two companies that have been issued show cause orders by DTI-PSB due to complaints regarding balikbayan boxes.

The DTI-PSB had already removed 5 cargo forwarders from the blacklist after they delivered missing balikbayan boxes.

The list of accredited local and foreign cargo companies can be viewed here.

The DTI-PSB urges consumers and consignees with pilfered or undelivered balikbayan boxes to call DTI Direct at (02) 751-3330, or submit a written complaint through fax at (02)751-3305 or e-mail dti_psb

DTI Blacklisted Forwarders/Agents Oct 31, 2012


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Trusted Balikbayan Cargo Delivery - Korea to the Philippines


Sending Balikbayan Boxes? Here are some tips

Balikbayan Box

Sending items to the Philippines is easy with the help of forwarders and shipping companies which specialize in sending Balikbayan boxes. Because it is customary for Filipinos working and living abroad to send gifts back to home, these forwarders makes the task easier and hassle-free by delivering the package right at the recipient’s doorstep!

Go online and search for Balikabayan box companies that service your area. You can get Balikbayan boxes from these companies or use any sturdy cardboard box. Balikbayan boxes are no different from ordinary shipping boxes except that they have the word “Balikbayan” printed on them. Balikbayan boxes comes in different sizes but are generally large, meant for packing a large amount of goods. If you’re in South Korea D8 Brothers and Genesis Cargo are your best choice of Balikbayan Cargo Company

Start packing your boxes with your goods. The trick is to pack the box with as many stuff as possible. Just don’t make it too heavy to haul. No need for bubble wrap or any packaging materials. Just use the other stuff like clothing, linens or towels that are part of the package to wrap and protect the breakable ones. When done, close the box up with packing tape.

The same rules for shipping apply in sending Balikbayan boxes. If you are sending something fragile, make sure that it is well cushioned. Don’t mail anything that is perishable, explosive, hazardous, leaking, or may break open and ruin everything else in the box. Never attempt to sneak in illicit drugs, live animals, or weapons. Think twice before sending stuff that are too valuable, shipping these boxes comes in several segments and the box will come in contact with many people along the way.

You may schedule a pickup or take them to the shipping counter. Either way you’ll need to provide address information and perhaps fill out a shipping label or two. When sending a Balikbayan box, be aware that it may take weeks for your package to get to its destination, even longer around the Christmas holidays. Therefore, plan to send your items far ahead of the time they need to be there to allow for normal shipping time and any delays.

Checking the Balikbayan Box

One more thing…

Before signing the receipt …be sure to check your balikbayan boxes when they arrived to your destination place . Let them check by your relatives in case you are not there when the boxes arrive. 

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